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Ha you like what I did there?! There’s a reason I am not a comedian 🙂

Anyways…you guessed it. This post is about plants. Some old…Some new.

Lets start with the plant outside. Back in June my neighbor was nice enough to give us a few plants he purchased but didn’t have any more room in his yard to plant them. Wonderful!! I gladly accepted and placed them in a ceramic container.

What I should have done was ask how much sunlight they needed. Apparently, these plants like small amounts of light and mostly shade.

Just a few hours ago this is what it looked like. All the flowers had died due to WAY too much sun….lesson learned.

Thankfully, Home Depot has many of their plants on sale. So now it is looking more like this (Rat Dog insisted on being in the picture). Much Better!

Of course when I am at Home Depot I can never leave with just the one thing I came for. While I was there I passed the pots and thought to myself The Bean could really use a new pot (he has definitely outgrown the one was in). So I grabbed a new pot for the bean.

While I was headed to the cashier I noticed these cute little hydrangeas. They are the cutest things ever!! So I grabbed one of those too (but I might go back for another :-)).

This is what it looks like now….

And just for fun I added some penguins…I think it looks great. They may stay for a while!!!

Whose taken advantage of the great plant/flower sales at Home Depot?? I will definitely be headed back at some point this week to grab a few more plants…probably some perennials!