Simple Art

Enough said…. 🙂


Roll em’ up

I don’t know what is it is with hye rollers but they are yummy (and oh so simple to make!).

Here’s what you will need:

Large flour tortillas
cream cheese
lunch meat (any kind you want…you can even have more than one kind)

you can even use… humus, garlic powder, dill, banana peppers, etc (pretty much anything you want)

Spread out the cream cheese onto the tortilla and add your ingredients how you want. When you are finished roll up the tortilla, cut, and stick a toothpick in so it stays together.


Does anyone have a secrete ingredient they like to use when they make roll ups? Please share 🙂

Hot Times in the Summer

Summer in Chicago is AMAZING! There is really no other time to visit the city than in the summer. There are always a number of things going on in the city on any given day (baseball games, shopping, eating, boating, swimming, festivals, concerts, movies in the park, etc).

When the opportunity arises to attend a free baseball game in one of the greatest cities…do you even have to ask. Here is the catch…it’s a Cubs game!

I am definitely a Sox fan and in this city you are typically one or the other. But when offered free tickets to see the Cubs play…count me in. I will never turn down free tickets!!

Anyone else all about taking free tickets even if you aren’t a fan of the team??

Dog Days of Summer

I don’t know about you but here in Chicago it has been H O T. It is so hot and dry I think there might be a forest fire in my own backyard.

With the past few days being slightly cooler the weatherman tells us to prepare again for more very hot days…in the 100’s.

This is pretty much what we have been doing to escape the heat 🙂

What are you doing to escape the heat?

Practically Done

The closet is nearly done! One more shelf and it will be a finished closet! Lets take a look at the before pictures shall we….

And the BIG after…

There you have it!

So here’s the break down:
*new paint (the walls are turtle dove by Behr). I only used 1 quart for 11.99
*white fabric bins were purchased from IKEA for 4.99 each
*the red, pink, and black dog tails holding up the dog leashes and collars were also from IKEA were 2.99 each

I was able to fit everything into the 4 white bins..Amazing!

Now the goal is to keep it clean and organized. It sounds easier than it really is. This closet is used every day….it’s a very busy closet!

Anyone else cleaning, organizing, painting, remodeling their closets?? Believe it or not this was a lot of fun and I plan to conquer the bathroom closet soon…hopefully!

On another note…my Hibiscus plant finally bloomed!! Happy Weekend!!

Killer Bunnies

Have you ever played Killer Bunnies?

We just got it this weekend and so far it’s a ton of fun! The game is a little complex but it seems to be getting easier with each game we play.

I would love to know if anyone else has played Killer Bunnies and if you have any tips, advice, strategies to playing the game. Any words of wisdom would be much appreciated as I continue my quest in capturing the magic carrot! 🙂

It’s Finally Here

The 50mm lens is finally here!!  I ordered it on Monday and the mailman officially dropped it off this afternoon!!  I couldn’t be more excited!!

I’ve only had it for a few hours but I thought I would post a few pictures I have taken using the new 50mm lens!!

Thankfully, my dogs were nice enough to volunteer for an impromptu photo shoot!

And just to change things up a bit here is a duck (taken with the 50mm lens).

I know I have only had this lens for a few hours but I am in love!! I plan to post sometime next week about more info on the 50mm lens. Until then I will be outside taking lots of pictures 🙂

What do you love most about your 50mm lens?