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Ha you like what I did there?! There’s a reason I am not a comedian ūüôā

Anyways…you guessed it. This post is about plants. Some old…Some new.

Lets start with the plant outside. Back in June my neighbor was nice enough to give us a few plants he purchased but didn’t have any more room in his yard to plant them. Wonderful!! I gladly accepted and placed them in a ceramic container.

What I should have done was ask how much sunlight they needed. Apparently, these plants like small amounts of light and mostly shade.

Just a few hours ago this is what it looked like. All the flowers had died due to WAY too much sun….lesson learned.

Thankfully, Home Depot has many of their plants on sale. So now it is looking more like this (Rat Dog insisted on being in the picture). Much Better!

Of course when I am at Home Depot I can never leave with just the one thing I came for. While I was there I passed the pots and thought to myself The Bean could really use a new pot (he has definitely outgrown the one was in). So I grabbed a new pot for the bean.

While I was headed to the cashier I noticed these cute little hydrangeas. They are the cutest things ever!! So I grabbed one of those too (but I might go back for another :-)).

This is what it looks like now….

And just for fun I added some penguins…I think it looks great. They may stay for a while!!!

Whose taken advantage of the great plant/flower sales at Home Depot?? I will definitely be headed back at some point this week to grab a few more plants…probably some perennials!


The Weekend Project

Yep…it’s Tuesday. I was a little busy yesterday watching the Blackhawks lose their chance at the Stanley cup… I guess there always next year!

Any ways….It’s that time of year when I get antsy and think of hundreds of things to do around the house. With summer coming up (and no summer school to teach this year) I try to keep my days filled with things to do.

The hubs seems to hate this time of year because I have nothing but time on my hands and well….let’s just say he’s not a teacher! But don’t feel bad for him! I think he secretly loves my projects!

The first project on my list of things to do: put up a border around our deck. I had been thinking about large river rock but realized it wasn’t easy or cheap to find. So I resorted to my second choice which was just plain ol stone.

Here is a picture of our deck taken a few days after we moved in. Last year we replaced the trellace and restrained the deck. This year I want to make it look pretty! Starting with a border around the deck.

And here is a current picture of what it looked like just before we put in the brick. I doesn’t look bad but it didn’t look good either. There isn’t a lot sun in this area and so very little grass grows. It is one of the reasons we decided to plants hostas (since they require very little sunlight).

Before we went shipping we measured the area around the deck…approximately 30 feet. We end up with:

  • 40 stone bricks
  • 3 bags each of the step 1 (gavel)and step 2 (sand) but in the end we only ended up using 1 of each.
  • 8 bags of mulch
  • Mesh…we already had when we laid rock in the front of the house

We simply determined how we wanted to lay the brick, used a 2 x 4 to help form a nice straight time…then we used spray paint to mark where we would need to dig a small trench so we could place the step 1 and 2 before laying the brick. We used a level and right angle tool to make rue everything was even.

Several hours later we have this….

And since we had extra mulch we added some to the hostas along the back wall of the garage…looks a lot better than dirt!

Before and After

I thought it would be fun to show you a before and after of our yard. It has definitely come a long way since we first moved in back in November 2009. It seems the yard it the hardest to maintain, especially with 3 female dogs. The first picture was taken just a few days after we moved in and the “after” picture was taken last summer. We are hoping to have green grass again this year….as soon as it grows in!

We have definitely come a long way since then and it has not been easy…especially for me since I am incredibly impatient. Have you ever watched grass grow…me neither but it takes forever!

Hopefully, in about another month I will be able to show you current pictures of our yard. It’s still in the growing process! Anyone else have the trouble of growing grass with dogs? Any secretes?

Future Christmas Tree

We are celebrating Arbor Day a few weeks early in our house (Arbor Day isn’t until April 27th….10 more days!).¬† Apparently, when you make a donation to Arbor Day they mail you a tree to plant as a token of their appreciation.¬†

That’s exactly how we ended up with our future Christmas tree!¬†

We planted it in¬†an extra potter we had in the garage until we decide where we want to place it.¬† To be honest we really don’t have any¬†room for an evergreen but it is still small so we have¬†some time!¬†

The evergreen is doing good in its new home and I can just imagine what it will look like 20 years from now decorated with lights and ornaments!


A simple and easy little project to spruce up your yard/garden this year. I had these clay pots from last summer that I used for cute simple outdoor plants that I placed on the deck. The clay color isn’t bad but it needed a little something. SOOOO¬†I had extra yellow spray paint left over from a previous project and decided to give it a try. And what do you know…it worked! And it looks awesome!

Now I just need mother nature to stay warm so I can plant some plants!

New girl on the sill

The bean has a girl sitting on his windowsill with him these days. Her name is hyacinth and she has yet to flash her beautiful flowers in beans direction. She caught my eye this weekend at the grocery and she just reminded me of hope. Hope that spring is on its way and winter will be a distant thought of the past. This past weekend was lovely….sunny and 40 degrees. That may not seem like much to some but here in the windy city we were busting out the hose and washing the car! Sadly….we are expecting a snow storm tonight which is suppose to dump some 6-10 inches of snow on the ground. Should make for a fun commute in the morning (in put sarcasm!). For how I will just have to look at hyacinth sitting in my window!