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New Additions

Yep, that’s right…..We have some new additions to the bedroom.

I scored some killer deals yesterday for the bedroom!!  OH SO EXCITED!!

First up….these awesome bamboo blinds I found at goodwill for 5 bucks each!!  I know!!  Holy Cow!!  I can’t even begin to tell you how long I have wanted bamboo blinds in the bedroom but have never wanted to pay full price….and I finally find them for 5 bucks.

IMG_3858 IMG_3863

But wait there’s more!!

Now that I have new bamboo blinds it would only be appropriate to change the curtains that are currently hanging up.  So I made a quick stop at a local fabric store and found this fabric for only $4.99 a yard!!  WOO HOO!!  Of course I grabbed it and purchased 6 wonderful yards of it.


So in case you are wondering what the window treatment currently looks like in the bedroom here you go.  One of my goals for this blog is to put in a house tour page (I just haven’t gotten around to doing it yet).  I also plan to give  you a full room layout next week when I post about the completed bed frame.  But for now you will just have to settle for pictures of the window!

The small window above is a bit tricky since it’s not a full size window.

Anyone else have a mini window in their house?  What did you do to add blinds and curtains/drapes?  Did you add full length curtains as if it were a full size window or did you shorten things up a bit?  I would love to see what you did!!


Sneak Peak…Bed Frame

Don’t mind the mess….

This project is taking a little longer than we both expected (life gets in the way and the bed frame gets pushed aside).

But we are making progress and I thought I would give you a little sneak peak into what we have been working on lately.

I hope to get it completed by this weekend so hopefully I will have a full post with a tutorial come next week.

Happy Hump Day  🙂

Practically Done

The closet is nearly done! One more shelf and it will be a finished closet! Lets take a look at the before pictures shall we….

And the BIG after…

There you have it!

So here’s the break down:
*new paint (the walls are turtle dove by Behr). I only used 1 quart for 11.99
*white fabric bins were purchased from IKEA for 4.99 each
*the red, pink, and black dog tails holding up the dog leashes and collars were also from IKEA were 2.99 each

I was able to fit everything into the 4 white bins..Amazing!

Now the goal is to keep it clean and organized. It sounds easier than it really is. This closet is used every day….it’s a very busy closet!

Anyone else cleaning, organizing, painting, remodeling their closets?? Believe it or not this was a lot of fun and I plan to conquer the bathroom closet soon…hopefully!

On another note…my Hibiscus plant finally bloomed!! Happy Weekend!!

Kitchen Curtain

I finally did it.  I finally made a kitchen curtain!  It only took 2 years since the kitchen remodel for me to make one simple curtain, but it’s finally done!  Woo Hoo!!

I took the easy way out and I used the no sew method.  To be honest I don’t even own a sewing machine (it is on my list of things I eventually want to get…unless someone is kind enough to give me their old one  🙂 ).

Way back in April I ordered the fabric from an online store called Elkabee’s Fabric Paradise and since then it has been sitting in the closet.  Until today that is!

The picture below of the materials I used to make the curtains. I purchased the curtain rod from Target for $9.99 and I already had everything else. I do wish I had purchase another yard of fabric since one yard was just enough fabric and I would have liked to have made the curtains a little wider…oh well…live and learn!

Window before….

Window after….

You can probably see how another yard of fabric would have made the window appear a tad bit wider….
I simply followed the instructions on the back of the no sew package that I had purchased from Michaels last year. If I can do it anyone can 🙂


Sorry about the long delay in posts. It was a long week at work wrapping up end of course assessments and getting ready for finals next week. As much as I love the end of the school year it is also the busiest time of year…

After long days at work I was feeling a little uninspired and tired to blog, but have no worries! There is light at the end of the tunnel and summer is nearly here!

I did manage to find a “new” television show to watch.  Ever hear of Shameless on Showtime? Probably not everyone’s cup of tea but I am hooked!  There is a British version to the show that you can watch instantly on Netflix.  Or season 1 of the American version is on DVD…unless you are one of the lucky ones and you have more than 5 channels!

In other news I recently purchased fabric to make a curtain in the kitchen. I plan to get to that and the closet remodel within the next 2 weeks. The greatest news is that I found fabric in my classroom closet. It must have been left by the teacher before me to decorate the bulletin boards. Cute idea but not really easy to put up alone. So I brought it home and I am thinking I might use it to practice making throw pillows for the deck!

We’ve been doing a lot of outdoor type projects lately. Hopefully I will have a post about that tomorrow!  So…lets hear it…are you a fan of Shameless??!!


A Sneak Peek…Sort Of

Here is a sneak peek into my next project around the house.

This closet is so unorganized it driving me crazy. And for some reason this closet was never painted when we moved in. So that is what I plan to do. Paint…Clean…organize…make functional.

This closet is the most used closet in the house. It is mainly used for two things: cleaning supplies (such as the vacuum, brooms, dusters, etc) and dog storage (food, bones, toys, preventative medicine (heartworm and flea/tick meds)). As well as a few other things such as birthday bags and tissue paper and candles.

Here is my official sneak peek into something I picked up today at IKEA. So Cute!

Summer to do list

Yep that’s right, a summer to do list!

With nothing but time on my hands this summer I plan to tackle as many projects as I can. Here is a quick and simple list of everything I hope to accomplish this summer.

~ finish the outdoor table (I just need to put a high gloss polyurethane)
~ paint the living room and hallway
~ transform the closet by the front door into a mud room
~ pick a color and paint the front door
~ change the legs on the console table
~ paint/stain the console table (can’t do this until after we paint the living room)
~ Hang up all of the frames I have been saving for a gallery wall (they have pictures and are ready to be hung up…just waiting until after we paint the living room!)
~ find fun fabric for the living room…Yeah you guessed it….after we paint
~ find a rug for the living room and the deck
~ build a bed frame…

And a few thing that aren’t house related
~ read a lot of books…I love to read but don’t always have the time during the school year (the books I enjoy at least!)
~ find new thrift store
~ blog…more than a few days a week
~ exercise…every day or at least 5 days a week
~ relax…and enjoy the summer!

There you have it…a few things I want to Accomplish this summer! I am absolutely sure I will add to both lists above but this is a good start 🙂

Who else is already planning their summer? I know I can’t be be the only one!