Bedroom Transformations

FINALLY…I can officially say I LOVE OUR BEDROOM!!!

This room in particular has had more changes than any other room in our house!

Lets take a look down memory lane shall we……

Here is a picture that I found of what the bedroom looked liked before we purchased the house.

Then we moved in and had the bright idea to paint the bedroom red with black trim….WHAT WERE WE THINKING….

Thankfully I don’t have very many pictures of this bedroom being red!

The red didn’t last very long…as you can tell. I tried to work with it but red is really not my color…and neither is black trim 🙂

As of today this is what the bedroom officially looks like…

There you have it!! I am totally in love with this room! It still needs a few things like throw pillows, art, and I still have to finish the curtains for the small window. I am also thinking about spray painting the bamboo blinds a dark rich brown.

What do you think? Should I spray paint the bamboo blinds a dark rich brown? Have you ever tried to spray paint bamboo or wood blinds? How did it turn out? Love to know!


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