Weekend Update

It’s HOT. I mean really HOT. And it’s really dry. It’s so HOT and dry we have barely cut the grass this past month. Yikes!

So this past Saturday we decided to face the heat and trim the bushes in the front of the yard….

And that was about all we did outside during the day 🙂

Sunday evening we took a bike ride around the neighborhood and took a few pictures. I have come to realize it is so much easier to take pictures in the early morning or late evening. It is a lot easier to figure out the settings of your camera and the natural lighting. I am still working on taking pictures in the middle of the day (I tend to have a bit too much light in the pictures).

BEWARE…the next picture is a little gross. Since it has been so hot and dry outside the small lake has started to drop in water and has started to kill the fish in the lake. Poor guys. Lets hope for rain!

What are you doing to beat the heat? Anyone else noticing water levels dropping near them?


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