Practically Done

The closet is nearly done! One more shelf and it will be a finished closet! Lets take a look at the before pictures shall we….

And the BIG after…

There you have it!

So here’s the break down:
*new paint (the walls are turtle dove by Behr). I only used 1 quart for 11.99
*white fabric bins were purchased from IKEA for 4.99 each
*the red, pink, and black dog tails holding up the dog leashes and collars were also from IKEA were 2.99 each

I was able to fit everything into the 4 white bins..Amazing!

Now the goal is to keep it clean and organized. It sounds easier than it really is. This closet is used every day….it’s a very busy closet!

Anyone else cleaning, organizing, painting, remodeling their closets?? Believe it or not this was a lot of fun and I plan to conquer the bathroom closet soon…hopefully!

On another note…my Hibiscus plant finally bloomed!! Happy Weekend!!


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