Invasion of the lawn ornaments

I guess I never realized just how many lawn ornaments we have. We are far from becoming hoarders of lawn ornaments but it is enough to bring a little something to the back yard. It makes me want to get some more!

Did you think penguins could only be used during the holiday season? Wrong! Some penguins live in warm weather including the one in our backyard!

Unfortunately, his nose was injured during the great move of 2009. Nothing a little super glue can’t hold together!

Lets move on! These mushrooms are placed right by the garden where grass refuses to grow!  You can probably see the dirt from the picture!

Also by the garden we have a gnome who watches over the blueberry bush that refuses to produce blueberries. Seriously, we have had this plant at least 5 years and it has only produced one very sour blueberry.

Making our way around the garage you will see we have another gnome protecting the hostas with his Oh So Cute lantern (I admit this one is a little creepy!).

The newest member of the lawn ornament team is this cute dog I picked up at JoAnn Fabrics last summer! I guess you never know when a lawn ornament is going to strike your fancy!

No home or backyard is complete without a set of ducks. Yes, they are naked and yes, I do have clothes for them.

And finally protecting the yard and all other lawn ornaments is the big daddy of them all…the lion!

So there you have it…all of our current lawn ornaments. Hopefully I will be able to add a few more this summer!

So lets hear it. Who has a collection of lawn ornaments in their yard. Do you have a theme or is it all random like my yard?!


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