Favorite Toy

This is Rat Dog’s favorite toy. Some may think that dogs don’t know the difference between one toy or the next. And it is true that some dogs don’t have a favorite toy. But not Rat Dog. Her favorite today is a “bird” and she knows where it is at all times.

Anyone could ask her where her “bird” is and she will happily go get her toy for you. She loves to play catch with her bird and can often been seen sleeping side by side with her bird.

I have no idea when this bond started but she has become obsessed with this toy. I have learned to stock up on “birds” during the holidays since they sell them in a pack of 3 and often times I find them on clearance at Petsmart after the holidays :-)!

So lets hear it. Does your dog have a favorite toy? Is it as simple as a ball (Lady’s favorite toy!). Or do you have a stock of “birds” in your closet too!


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