Summer to do list

Yep that’s right, a summer to do list!

With nothing but time on my hands this summer I plan to tackle as many projects as I can. Here is a quick and simple list of everything I hope to accomplish this summer.

~ finish the outdoor table (I just need to put a high gloss polyurethane)
~ paint the living room and hallway
~ transform the closet by the front door into a mud room
~ pick a color and paint the front door
~ change the legs on the console table
~ paint/stain the console table (can’t do this until after we paint the living room)
~ Hang up all of the frames I have been saving for a gallery wall (they have pictures and are ready to be hung up…just waiting until after we paint the living room!)
~ find fun fabric for the living room…Yeah you guessed it….after we paint
~ find a rug for the living room and the deck
~ build a bed frame…

And a few thing that aren’t house related
~ read a lot of books…I love to read but don’t always have the time during the school year (the books I enjoy at least!)
~ find new thrift store
~ blog…more than a few days a week
~ exercise…every day or at least 5 days a week
~ relax…and enjoy the summer!

There you have it…a few things I want to Accomplish this summer! I am absolutely sure I will add to both lists above but this is a good start 🙂

Who else is already planning their summer? I know I can’t be be the only one!


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