Patio Plans

This summer I have big plans to turn the our back deck into an outdoor living room! I really wanted to do it last summer but with the wedding and it being at our house other “to do” items got done and the outdoor living room got put on the “next summer” list.

First, I should probably tell you that we sit outside nearly every single day (weathering permitting of course). Why not! When warm weather is limited here in Chi town we definitely take advantage of it when we can!

The ideas have been flowing since last summer. Here is a short little list of what I have in mind:

  • Our door area rug (hopefully a bright and colorful)
  • Add a bench along one side of the deck with a big comfy cushion
  • Learn how to make throw pillows (hopefully on the cheap since they will be outside)
  • Outdoor lights (already have from the wedding…I would like to place them on the perimeter of the deck)
  • Lots of potters with plants
  • Arrange the outdoor patio furniture (we got this for our shower from my parents last year) so we maximize the space that we have incase we need to add extra chairs/big pillows for guest
  • Redo the coffee table I found in the garbage last summer rather than using the glass table that came with the outdoor table (lets face it…I am terribly clumsy and I can’t begin to tell you how many close calls this table had last summer…so I think we will try a solid piece of wood this it was free!  Can’t beat that!)

Ok…that’s all I can think of right now.  I am sure I will come up with more as I start putting everything together. 

I have actually started working on the coffee table that I found last year in the garbage after a softball game in Lincoln Park.  At the time I thought I would use it somewhere in the house but it looks like it will have more use outside!

I sanded and then removed the shelf on the inside to make the opening bigger. I hope to put wicker baskets or maybe even place extra pillows for when we need them.

Do those yellow potters look familiar??!! We just planted herb seeds this past weekend. Cross our fingers something grows!

I picked a nice dark stain to hide all the dirt 🙂 It still needs several coats of polyurethane. Hopefully I will get to that this weekend! Anyone else creating an outdoor space this year?? Care to share any ideas?!


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