Camera Lens

A few posts back I had mentioned we recently got a new camera. To be more specific we got a Canon EOS Rebel T1i. Luckily we were involved in the process of picking out the specific camera we wanted (it was a gift for our wedding shower back in May). Since neither of us had ever had or used a DSLR the T1i seemed like a good fit for us. Here is a picture of what my camera looks like.

At first glance this camera looks like a load of fun. But once I turned it on it quickly became overwhelming. There were so many buttons, the picture didn’t appear on the big screen like my small point and shoot (where did the picture go?!?), the dial had what seemed like over 10 options, and there was still a menu button to even more choices. OH MY!!

I wanted to use the camera to its full potential. We choose a DSLR camera for the creativity and possibilities that smaller cameras aren’t always capable of. So I stared out reading the manual. I’m not going to lie…I honestly didn’t know what I was reading most of the time. So many words, so many options! So I signed myself up for a 6-week basic photography class at our local community college. I took lots of notes. I also took lots of pictures every week practicing everything we learned. I also read website, blogs, and even talked to people who owned DSLR cameras. I was determined to learn everything about this camera and not be stuck on automatic mode forever!

And then it clicked. It just all seemed to come together. I can’t explain what it was but I suddenly understood what I was doing and WHY. WOO HOO!!!!

Okay….So needless to say I have been shooting allot. I snap picture of anything and everything. I shoot pictures in all sorts of lighting (inside and outside). I snap pictures of the dogs, the hubs, new projects, food, and anything else I find around the house to take a picture of.

Which leads me to ask you…yes…you! I want a new lens. I have been using the 55mm lens that came with the camera. It is a great lens for learning how to use the camera. BUT I think I am ready for that next step. Something new to learn with my camera.

I’ve had my eye on a 50mm lens for some time now. I promised myself I had to learn how to manipulate the camera better before investing in a lens (they aren’t cheap!). I want to take more pictures of people (for fun not professionally). Plenty of my friends/family members have kids or are going to be having kids and hiring a photographer is a bit costly. I want to be the free go to person my friends and family can count on to take their pictures.

I would love to hear what you think. Anyone else out there use a 50mm lens? What do you think? What are your pros and cons?? Do you suggest another lens? I would love to hear from you!!! Any suggestions/options would be great for this beginning!


4 thoughts on “Camera Lens

  1. Ian Spagnolo

    Get the 50mm! its a fun little lens and cheap too compared to most others. Great starter lens for portraits and getting a nice shallow depth of field. 🙂

  2. ericaanneellis

    50 MM is a good lens for general photography. Prime lenses are even better because they provide clearer images then those that can change focal lengths. And I believe this one would open to f/1.4 which is cool but can be tricky when it is open that wide to get what you want in focus. Make a lens choice based on what you photograph most often. I just saw part 1 of a two part show about what lenses are good for what photos. Check it out and see if it helps. I have an 18-55 which came with the camera and a 55-250. They cover what I need them to do and were not that expensive.

    Part two of this show should be up this Thursday.
    Hope it helps!


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