Costa Rica

Back in December the hubs and I honeymooned/vacationed in Costa Rica for 8 wonderful days (too short in my opinion đŸ™‚ ). We stayed in Guanacaste which is located in the Northwest part of the country. Here is a map of Costa Rica incase you are unsure where that is!

Costa Rica is breath taking. I can’t say enough good things about this very green country. You are constantly surrounded by greenery, wildlife, beautiful flowers, and spectacular views of the ocean. We stayed at the Riu Guanacaste which is located on Playa Matapalo. The hotel was nice but it was the view that made it that much more better.

Here are just a few pictures of our trip (we took close to 1000 pictures!).

Ahhh…makes me wish I was back on the beach soaking up the suns warm rays!


2 thoughts on “Costa Rica

    1. Knowledge Knot Post author

      We did 3 excursions. We zip lined, and toured arenal and Palo Verde. The zip lining was really fun but the day we went it poured the whole time and because it rained so much we weren’t able to horse back ride. If you decide to tour arenal it takes all day. It’s a great tour for photography. It will take at least 2 hours to get there from the Riu but during the drive our driver would often pull over if he saw something good (we got to see a tree sloth and get pics!). You also get to take a boat ride on a man made freshwater lake that is beautiful and take a hike through the rain forest. Palo Verde is another great tour with a lot of animals (you see a lot of alligators, iguanas, and bird). Not bad. We got a lot of really cool pictures. (might want to get a poncho just in never know when you might need it!)

      When you go on the excursions it’s a good idea to bring something to drink. You usually get lunch but you don’t always have access to something to drink. Especially when you are on the bus.

      The tour guides really make the difference. One tour guide we had was funny but super informative. He would give us history about the country, explain how the Costa Rican people lived, make jokes, and answer any and all questions you had.

      Don’t forget to see the sea turtles at night. It was amazing! It’s worth staying up late to see them!

      Riu is one of the farther hotels and it takes a little bit of time to get back and forth compared to the rest. But it’s not bad!

      Hope this helps!! If you want to know about anything else let me know! Have fun!!


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