The weather was really nice yesterday….at least for Chicago (around 45 degrees). The sun was shinning and it felt like spring was just around the corner.

We decided around 6 o’clock to take all 3 dogs for a walk. Nothing unusual. We take them for walk all the time when the weather is decent in the winter and in the summer I walk all 3 dogs by myself in the morning before the heat kicks in (one great benefit to being a teacher…summers off (sort of)).

Everything was going great. We were on our usual path with the dogs leading the way. Out of nowhere this giant german shepherd came running down its driveway (not in a friendly I want to sniff your but kind of way either). I quickly picked up Rat Dog assuming it would attack the smallest dog in the pack. I was absolutely, totally wrong. The giant german shepherd ran passed Jess, Rat Dog, and I and attacked Lady. It grabbed onto her shoulder and wouldn’t let go.

Out of instinct the hubs dove at the giant german shepherd and tackled it into the street. Making it break its grip on poor Lady.

The owner of the dog came running out of her backyard to grab the collar of the dog and bring it back to their house. Everyone was shaken up and we quickly moved away from the angry dog to examine Lady. At first it didn’t appear as if she had been bitten. We decided to walk home (we were only two blocks away) and give her another look over to ensure we hadn’t missed anything due to all of us being shaken up.

Sure enough…after taking another look at Lady we found a huge hole on her right shoulder where the dog bit her. We quickly took her to the vet (thankfully they were still open) where they shaved, cleaned, and gave her an injection of antibiotics. The Doc said to keep the area clean and to give her antibiotics twice a day.

As of today (one day later) she seems to be doing well. She is a very stoic and brave dog (always has been). She never made a sound when the dog bit her and barely moved when the Doc was cleaning her wound (OH how I love her).

One of my greatest fears is getting attacked by another dog when I am out walking the girls. I am so grateful the hubs was with me, Lady is okay, and the other girls weren’t hurt.

Here is a picture of Lady before the attack. She LOVES to play ball…and swim!

This picture is after she was attacked by the giant german shepherd (after we went to the vet).


2 thoughts on “Attacked

  1. Dr Vadim Chelom

    Nasty. The owner of the other dog should al least compensate for the Vet bill. If they refuse – call Local Laws. The would will probably swell up over the next few days due to all the damage under the skin.


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