Weekend update

Well….this table has taken a little longer to build than just one weekend….more like 2 weekends and a little work here and there during the week.

Here is the wall where the table is going to go. It is a very long, lonely, empty, green wall. It definitely needs something…anything at this point.

The plan was to build a console table and eventually create a gallery wall above it. I have a lot of pictures from the wedding, family, friends, and our recent trip of Costa Rica (more on that later this week).

Well, the table is mostly built (we need to add a small shelf to the bottom of the table to make it look more balanced. Right now it appears very top heavy). However, I have no idea what to do with it in terms of color. Should I stain it? (I have tried 5 different stains on an extra piece of wood and nothing has really screamed “pick me, pick me”) Should I paint it? (if so what color…white, blue, yellow, red…..oh decisions)

So for now I have moved the unfinished table to its future location in hope that the color of stain or paint will just come to me. I’m hoping the color comes to me soon rather than later 🙂

What do you think?? Should I go with a stain or paint? A dark stain or a light stain? A bright paint color or plain jane white? Any suggestions would be GREAT!!

As soon as the table is completely done (extra shelf at bottom built and color added to table) I will definitely post about the measurements and anything else that changes!


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