The Bean

Let me formally introduce you to The Bean.  The Bean was rescued from a grocery store several years ago from a near death experience.

Let me explain.  Several years ago at a grocery store in Indiana there was a clearance grocery cart.  I thought I would gander over to see what was in it and that’s when I saw the horror….the near death of The Bean.  The Bean was sitting in the clearance grocery cart alone, dry, and wilting.  He was trying every last attempt to stay alive.  His soil was so dry I could have sneezed and it would have all blown to the ground.  He was on his last leaf…literally.  I knew right then and there I had to purchase him and rescue the species that provides food and oxygen I use to survive each and every day (can you tell I am teaching photosynthesis in school right now :-))  I grabbed him out of the clearance grocery cart and gently placed him in my cart.

At check out I placed him on the conveyor belt all smiles knowing I was going to save this young plants life.  I do realize people were giving me the stink eye and even as the cashier scanned the $1.99 dying bean plant she glanced up at me secretly saying “really?”.

When we finally arrived home the first thing I did was water the poor plant.  I gently placed him by the window…athough it was dark outside and hoped for the best.

Would you belive by morning The Bean’s leaves were lifted!  He was looking like a brand new plant!  Take that all you disbelievers!

As you can see The Bean has been doing great since.  This time of year he resides on the kitchen windowsill but likes to spend warm summer days and nights on the deck.  He needs ALOT of water and will expressively show it when he doesn’t get watered!

We are hoping for beans in the future but we realize we have a long way to go.  I am just really happy The Bean is doing so well plus he looks great on the kitchen windowsill!


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