All Done!

Remember this chair I purchased for 12 buck-a-roos a couple of weeks ago?? 

It’s finally finished!  This past weekend I headed to the local fabric store in search of the perfect fabric.  No luck!  So while at my mom’s this weekend we decided to stop at JoAnn Fabrics.  Low and Behold I found the perfect fabric to reupholster the chair with and it’s been dust and fabric string since then!  Are you ready for the big reveal???? 

Big changes made to the chair:

  • sanded down the legs of the chair
  • spray painted the legs with ORB (oil rubbed bronze).  The same stuff I used for the end table right next to the chair
  • kept old fabric on chair for extra cushion and placed new fabric over it
  • held new fabric in place with staples and fabric glue (just in a few places!)

Price break down….

  • chair from goodwill 12$
  • spray paint (already had from previous table project) 7$
  • fabric from JoAnn Fabrics 4.50/yard (I found the fabric in the clearance section…it was originally 20$/yard….can you believe that).  9 dollars total!

Grand total = $21 dollars total!  Can we say BARGAIN!!!!!  Anyone else reupholster anything lately?  Was this your first time reupholstering like me!!!  (there’s a reason you didn’t see the back of the chair :-))


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