Another find

Since deciding to put a little enthusiasm back into my living room I have been finding treasures all over the place.  This past week while driving home from school I found a small wooden end table on the side of the street waiting to be picked up by the garage man the following morning.  I immediately pulled my car over, got out, and shoved it into the back seat! 

This past weekend I took it out to the garage to sand it down.  As you can see there are lots of nooks and crannies on this table.  Sanding was not the easiest…at least when it came down to the legs themselves.  But it definitely looks a lot better!

Ultimately, I decided spray painting the table would be a lot easier than stain or regular paint.  So I ran out to the home depot (which is only 5 minutes away :-)) and picked up a dark spray paint.  I figured with 3 black dogs it made a lot more sense then white!

And there you have it.  A “new” table for my living room!  It’s still out in the garage drying.  I also need to figure out where in the living room I am going to put it.  But I am in love!  It only required 2 even coats of spray paint and I still have extra spray paint for another project!  Anyone else find any treasures in the garbage lately?  I guess the moral of the story is always keep your eyes open…you never know what and where you’re going to find the next addition to your house!


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