The first purchase….

After 24 hours of suspense I am ready to reveal the first thrift store purchase for the transformation of my living room.  It may not look like anything special right now but I have big plans for this beauty.  And for a whopping 12 bucks you can’t beat the price!


Plan of action for this beauty:

  • lightly sand the wood trim to remove dents and dings
  • find new fabric…somewhere!
  • preferably spray paint wood with a new color (i’m thinking either a dark brown or some type of color….it all depends on the fabric I end up with)
  • if spray paint idea does not work…resort to wood stain
  • it wood stain does not work…resort to paint…hopefully I will not need to paint
  • last but not least add fabric!

Well, there you have it.  The very first piece of furniture for my living room.  For all those interested I will be posting current picutures of my living room this week.  I’m just a little embarrassed to share my living room with the world and I’m still building up the courage.


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