The Thrift Store Challenge

There is one room in my house that has yet to have any improvements done since we bought the house two years ago.  Many would guess the obvious….kitchen, bathroom, basement.  But I would have to tell you to keep guessing.  The single room that has yet to be touched is the living room.  Yes, you read correctly, the living room.  Today I am putting a stop to this madness.  Starting today I am giving myself exactly one year to remodel my entire living.  This includes but not limited to furniture, wall art, tables, a rug, and whatever else belongs in a living.  However, this isn’t just any ordinary challenge.  Considering the economy and the fact that I am a teacher, I am challenging myself to remodel my living room with items I find at the thrift store, garage sale, or items people are giving away.  The goal is to have a living room that is comfortable, stylish, and welcoming without breaking the bank.  Let the Challenge Begin!

Starting tomorrow I will post my first thrift store find and new addition to my living room!


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